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feb. 21

please let us know what is up. why do you read nackintouch? do you want to see it continue? would it bother you if it wasn't up? so far, only two people have let me know how they feel about the site.

the staff of nackintouch is taking a week off of updating. recent developments have brought into question the purpose, scope, responsibility, consequences and effects of this site. originally designed as just a fun little "thing" among friends, has seemed to grow larger than expected. comments are welcome. let us know why you read the site, what it does for you, where you want it to go. thank you.

Feb. 20

Guys' Night Out

This is a semiannual outing by the boys of the 1995-96 2nd floor of the Shepard Residential College. Once again, a trip to the Wisconsin Dells, to the glory that is Ho-Chunk. Always double down on 11, baby! And Karl Nack is in the thick of it all. Good luck to Karl at the slots and at the tables tonight!

In other news, a visit to a then-potential apartment for next year resulted in scratching that option off the list of places Karl might live in the 1998-99 season. After that Karl was accompanied by his parents for some before dinner margaritas at Lindo Mexico.

Feb. 19

Karl did not pass his swimming proficiency test yesterday morning. The underwater thing, couldn't do it. He also "couldn't inflate (his) pants". This is in relation to the emergency life vest technique described yesterday. Karl will get another chance to show his swimming prowess. Better luck next time!

In other news, Karl got into a slight fender bender this afternoon. While driving his mom's car back home from an interview for a German project, he rear ended a couple from Skokie in a minivan on the corner of Foster and Western at a stoplight. Lack of sleep, and possibly that swimming exam this morning, contributed to his exhaustion behind the wheel. His eyes were closed at the moment of impact. The driver emerged from the minivan holding his head, "like he was trying to keep his brains in", and the woman was inside dialing up 911. The Chicago Police Department questioned if the cars were drivable, they were, and then just to come down to the station to fill out a report, basically for the insurance claim. Karl had to return the car to his mother, and so explained to them that he had to leave. Insurance information was traded. Hopefully his rates won't go up that much.

-first submitted by Nicholas Graber at Thu, 19 Feb 1998 16:25:34
thanks for keeping NackInTouch informed

The lunch with his mom he was rushing home for didn't happen. She was too busy so it just turned out to be McDonald's on the way back to school. But Mrs. Nack is expected to be here today as a real estate advisor to Karl and friends.

Feb. 18

Tomorrow morning, bright and early at 5:30 AM at the Henry Crown Sports and Aquatics Center, Karl Nack must pass swim qualifications for NROTC. Tests are

  • Swim the width of the pool underwater
    if you must come up for air, do so as if the surface was covered with burning oil, i.e. splash a clean hole to come up in
  • Emergency life vest:
    Take pants off underwater, tie knots in the legs and fill them with air. Proceed to tie the inflated lower body wear around the upper torso for flotation.

Good Luck Karl!

An update on the Karl & the gang's Bahama spring break trip. The first $100 must be paid with a check, not using a credit card. The remaining balance can be payed with a credit card though.

On a side note, Karl got 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night, and a nap before dinner.

Feb. 17

Last night, Karl discovered one can purchase Ultimas I - VIII on one CD-ROM for only $35. If you want details, email Karl.

It appears to be laundry day for Nack. His light and dark washing cycles are slightly off, so he only has to do the lights today. Not enough darks. If you're wondering, his recent string of t-shirt wear has been because of lack of clean clothing.

For ROTC lab a Navy SEAL gave a presentation. Karl arrived late, missing the meat and bones of the session but made it in time for the question and answer part at the end. He was Karl Nack's first observance of a Warrant Officer, and no, he wasn't part of the great 80's rock band.

Karl got a haircut today in his Uniform. This gives him a great reason to get it dry cleaned. The short hairs get into the collar and make it rough.

Feb. 16

Karl got a paper cut today, yet his ROTC honed pain tolerance allowed him to continue at task, placing navigation maps up onto a shelf. Although there was no recorded loss of blood, and no stiches were required, the staff of NackInTouch hopes for a quick and speedy recovery.

This friday, as a result of an emergency housing meeting, Karl and roomies will view possible residential locations for next year. Some quick thinking by Karl brings his mom, Mrs. Nack, along. Her expertise in the real estate field may prove invaluable in the search for better housing.

And I was enlightened today on the lack of a thinness requirement for the NU Ladycats.

Feb. 15

Thanks to some diligent work from the "Town Cryer", Nackintouch has this first hand account of Karl Nack this weekend.

Hey staff of NackInTouch--
     I'm your reporter on the scene for Nack's Friday night activities. I basically followed him the entire night, hanging out and having fun and observing closely. Call me the "Town Cryer."
     Karl began the Friday night at Phi Mu Alpha's "Free Love Seventies" party, where the happy punch was flowing and Karl drank aplenty. Myself and one of Karl's other friends applied slight pressure on Karl to take us to Kat Dacko's "Come As A Spice" party, as there was somewhat of a romantic interest at stake (for Karl's other friend, who shall remain nameless, not Karl).
     So we headed off to Kat Dacko's place for a fun hour of kibitzing and Spiceing with the likes of Dacko, Pete Tinaglia (dressed as a woman), several members of the indie phenom band Smarmy Kitten, and Karl's squad leader, who engaged in quite a bit of enjoyable Karl-bashing over the course of the night, repremanding him for drinking and always showing up to class late. Though there could be some tension in the relationship, Karl seemed to take the ribbing for the good-natured fun it was intended to be. Karl and friends also encountered a few new acquaintances from the other side of the hallway at the Plex, one of which Karl may have taken a slight romantic interest in. S.F. chatted with Karl a bit at the party, and a bit more later...but we'll get to that.
     After an hour or so of dancing and chat at Dacko's, we took our leave of that party and returned to Phi Mu, to find the dance floor empty and two of Karl's good friends sick as dogs from alcohol consumption. Karl continued to enjoy what was left of the party punch and the wine, as he engaged in a spirited public policy debate with fellow drunken Plexite Tom McKone. However, Karl quickly found bigger fish to fry, and maneuvered in to chat with Tammy, an ex-flame of Vincent Dutter's and possible future flame of Nack's. The two were spotted chatting extensively, at one point even sharing Vince's top bunk bed as they discussed life and all which it encompasses.
     (Side note: reports from good sources indicate that Karl spent the better part of Valentine's Day with Tammy, attending a screening of the film "Titanic" with her and pal Matt Robinson before heading over to 1835 Hinman for an exclusive, hush-hush, invite-only party. Is romance in the air for Karl and Tammy? Only time will tell, but this reporter hopes that something works out for Karl soon. A bitter and lonely Nack is the last thing we need once the weather turns nice.)
     After fun at the party, a large group somewhat led by Karl stormed off to Burger King for snacks. A good time was had by all. The Plex crew headed back to the Plex, where a detour found us outside the door of the aforementioned S.F. for some VERY late-night chat (we're talkin' 4:30 in the morning at this point, folks). Chatter went very well, lotsa fun, but apparently Karl was upset by some comments he made as the chat ended, which may have made him seem doofish in front of a possible future romantic interest. Within an hour, Karl was in bed for the night.
     So a very interesting night, both for Karl and those who observe him as a way of life. Two romantic possibilities enter the picture. Tammy is a very nice girl, and would be good for Karl. While S.F. is also a nice girl, she's somewhat eccentric (in the best of ways) and might not exactly be Karl's type. Also, S.F. may have captured the interest of at least one other Plexite, so there will surely be some grappling on this end as to who should move in for the kill. But whether Karl ends up with Tammy, S.F., or another woman entirely, Friday night has set the stage for what may be a couple of very interesting weeks in the life of our friend and guru.

"Town Cryer"

Feb. 13

Even though it's Friday the 13th, that doesn't stop Karl from experiencing life at it's fullest. After a fairly normal Friday in terms of classes and academics, Karl met with future roommates, Eric and Ted, to discuss housing for the following school year. Among the options discussed were various Parliment Apartments, another apartment on Maple, and the 2nd floor of a Victorian house on Garnett.

Ted proceeded to show Karl the fallacy in his choice of Red Hat instead of Debian for linux. And the rest of us in the room stayed spellbound as Ted wowed us with his typing skills.

After dinner, staying true to the west side and not falling for the evils of a quick and dirty east side plex saga, Karl had a little entertainment with friends playing cards, being loud, and having fun. ;););) Although Karl did not come out on top, enjoyment was still had by all.

The night holds promises of alto's and vomit, hopefully the former and not the latter, although both would be... A 70's theme party at Phi Mu Alpha and a Spice Girl theme party given by Kat Dacko are two options for the Nackmeister tonight. Wherever he goes, the party will surely be at.

Feb. 12

Karl woke up late for Marine Navigation this morning. This tidbit of information was passed on by the fine men and women of Naval ROTC. Thanks to the midshipmen for the tip, and looking forward to many more.

Karl was also tempted to call a specific alto saxophone player, one that BHS did not date. But, instead of a late night call, Karl used his skills at electronic wooing, sending her an email. Hope it works this time.

sorry for the late updates, work problems have monopolized my time.

Feb. 11

Karl went to the library to work in the computer lab, but there was a class in session, so he came to visit Dave in the reserve room. They both decided to leave and on their way out, they saw Tara Norton sitting at a table by herself. So Karl paces back and forth near the phones, wondering if he should ask the brunette out, calls Robinson for advice, thinks about calling Nick, but "stares life in the face" and moves in to make the kill. Dave accompanies Karl, and as they enter, another slack jawed yokel sits down and beats Karl to the punch. So they feign a move into the reserve room, hesitate, and return for a quick chat. On the way out, Karl takes a falcon tube out of his pocket, and throws it against the ground in disgust. But then near the Student Lounge, Karl runs into Becca, who was a girl who sat down next to him at Norris, introduced her to Dave, and chatted. So Karl leaves the library and watches Army of Darkness with Ted and Robinson.

Karl is only functioning on 2 1/4 hours of sleep, from 9:15 AM to 11:30 AM yesterday morning. His continued effort on the Tiger compiler written in Java takes more resources than desired. Other projects are dying for his attention.

Another occurrence from last Friday's venture to Hamilton's was the meeting of two girls, with a little help from some pre-parties and Dave's laserlike observations, with Karl and friends. Supposedly, the girls recognize Dave from eating at Alison during lunch, and Karl, today, saw one of them, who was pole dancing on the "el" train down to Hamilton's. Another exciting weekend is in the works. More info as it comes in.

Karl took part in a retro dinner with Jessica, Debbie, Eric, and Matt. Discussed were games from grade school, both during gym class and regular class. Activities included 7-up, Around the World, Spelling Bees, Dodge Ball and its variations, and kickball.

Feb. 10

So Friday at Hamilton's was as productive as some of us Nack insiders had hoped. An anonymous source places two sets of lips on Karl's cheek in separate incidents at Hamilton's last Friday. Two distinct members of the opposite sex kissed Karl on the cheek. So why the hush hush? The anonymous source is trustworthy, although his/her sobriety is iffy on the night in question.

Once again, Karl is busy working away on some project. All night, since 7:00 PM this evening. Good luck Karl.

Another anonymous report suggests possible future movements in Karl's romantic life. An undisclosed source reports that an "older" woman may be in the very near future. If you have any information, let us know.

At the end of this quarter, Karl Nack and friends are headed for the sunny beaches, beautiful women, and big casinos of the Bahamas for Spring Break. Information is pending, but a week on the beach with Karl Nack, watching him work his magic, is such a treat. Those accompanying him should consider themselves lucky.

Everyone remind Karl to call his mother about next year's real estate plans.

Feb. 9

Well, Friday at Hamilton's was not as productive as some of us Nack insiders had hoped. Karl did get intoxicated, although he did not end up naked with a White House intern, as earlier reports had suggested. Some of his friends that went with, observed Nack as being "frustrated".

He's been busy with homework. He has a project due Tuesday for a compiler Computer Science course and a midterm on thursday. Good luck, Karl.

Feb. 6

Karl almost spoke with Tara Norton today in the MMLC. She apparently teaches or TAs a spanish class. Karl said "hi".

In hopefully more exciting news, Karl and friends are heading to Hamiltons. ETA is 2200h. Hoping I get something to write about after the weekend's over. It's all about the digits!

Feb. 5

Karl had a pretty good 21st birthday according to initial reports. On Tuesday night, Mr. and Mrs. Nack took their baby out to dinner to celebrate his birthday at some restaurant on Sheridan or something. He got some wine but didn't get carded.

Last night, on his birthday night, Karl went out for Margaritas and tortillas and salsa. Sounded like he had a pretty good time. He had a couple margaritas, but once again, did not get carded.

Information was gathered that points to Shepard 2nd and 3rd floors as a possible battlefield for Karl's crotch. More information after reconnaissance returns.

He went to meet a very nice NROTC female for some "studying" in the library, at 11pm Wednesday night. It's 1:57 AM and he's still not back yet.

A clarification from the report last weekend, sent in by Karl Crisman Dieter

Dear Editor,
     The call to Miss Glaub came as an idea before the Michigan State game. She came (out of her way) to his spot above the visitor's hoop and said hello; after leaving, he told yours truly "She's cute." I suggested he call her afterwards; he concurred. How will this newest development in his saga develop?

     Incidentally, Karl is becoming fairly friendly with several girls in our C91 German Grammar class; perhaps this will lead to something... And we took pictures with a Mac camera, with our teacher making a web page "Karl hard at work" with his picture. Soon more will follow.

Your correspondent Karl-Dieter Crisman

Feb. 4

Happy 21st Birthday

to Karl Nack.

no updates, partying on his birthday

Feb. 2

Thanks to a very big fan and supporter of Karl Nack, Ted Whalen, NackInTouch now has a button that supporters can put on their pages to link back here.


Also by Mr. Whalen, is a chart of Karl Nack's ups and downs over the month of January. Thanks Ted.

In other news, Karl saw his shadow today. Guess that means another 12 months of bitterness. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to it.

updates may be sporadic over the course of the next week, illness and other obligations are begining to take their toll. also Nack's life is just plain bitter after the Ellie affair.

Feb. 1

A reader tip has pointed us in the direction of a gambling-bootlegging ring operating out of the plex. Information gathered with be placed in a special report in the very near future.

In other news, Karl seems to be on the prowl again. Back in the saddle, so they say. Friday, Jan. 30, he accompanied Laura Serbus to Sweeney Todd. He finds her new haircut very flattering. Also at the viewing of the play, he saw a friend, Tara Norton. He gathered information regarding her true hair color; she's a brunette masquerading as a blonde. How he got that information is classified by congressional seal. And lastly, he placed a phone call to one Carrie Glaub, one of Shaw's Altos. Looks like that bitterness may just have to take a backseat to the search for digits.

More banal news:

  • karl is doing, or did his laundry today
  • currently reading The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy
  • his NROTC duties extended to ushering at the basketball game on Saturday, Jan. 31.

for those that care, karl is up $2.45 on 7 stud

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