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Aug 31

Karl successfully moved in to Ridge Warren Saturday. Those at the Warren welcomed Karl with gifts and drinks and a very big party. Half the town of Evanston was there, and the apartment got beat to shambles. In celebration, the now three current members of the Warren living there went to dinner at Nevin's. Karl had a London Broil, well done, with a Goose Island Pale Ale to drink. He also had an Irish Coffee after dinner.

Karl's Home Page was updated again. It would appear that almost daily updates might occur. The format for the Writings section has definitely changed and there are at least three different ones for your perusal. It's a new insight into Karl Nack.

Karl did dishes for the first time at Ridge Warren Sunday. Today, he moved a couch from Brooke Rosman's to Janelle Stephens place at Clark Court. Later today, he plans on getting the now available season tickets for the Northwestern Wildcats. He's getting very psyched up for the coming season, currently reading about NU's opponents, and other teams in the Big Ten.

Correction: from the Town Cryer

I don't mean to ripple any potato chips here, but the account of the post-bowling asshole encounter of August 15 is somewhat inaccurate, perhaps even SLANTED by the expected source of the story, Mr. Karl Nack himself.

Were it not for myself, the Town Cryer, the encounter would not have taken place. I paused to offer assistance to this young woman (who I had not been eyeing all night, either; she was rotund and clearly not worth the time of anyone without beer goggles). I asked repeatedly, "Is everything cool?" After I asked the second time, this thug ran up to me, shouting "It would be cool if you got outta here. I'm from the south side. I kill men for a living." To which I replied, "Kill me. I don't care. I'm drunk; I won't feel it. My nickname is Southside."

karl then placed himself between myself and this scum. Were it not for Karl, I may be dead right now. He saved my life. I also realized for the first time how much of an assett it is to have a friend who's in the navy; even if he is a bit scrawny, his military connection makes him an automatic bad-ass. At any rate, our compatriot Tom McKone also assisted in the rescue, alerting the cops and encouraging them to pursue the man as he chased down the woman for the second time.

So get your facts straight. IF anyone's the hero of this tale, it's probably me. But Karl is and shall remain my hero, anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Town Cryer

Aug 29

Karl was nice enough to help a friend in need today, by providing transportation for an accident prone roommate. That brought him out of the house in into the world for a little bit, but he had to return to the Nack Residence to finish packing for the move which occurs today.

On Thursday, the Nack family went to Koehler, WI, to visit a grandmother at The American Club. Karl was nice enough to leave a $1.50 tip for a nice hick waitress with very bleached hair.

Karl updated his writing section of his web page yesterday with a poem. It's a pretty good poem, definitely showing a different, softer side of Karl. It seems personal yet can be applied universally. Four stars. Also of note, the writing section of the web page will be updated sporadically, whenever Karl feels like it.

Finally, Karl's room:

Aug 27

Plans for Karl moving into Ridge Warren are in motion. Friday, his family will come in to clean and mop, maybe even polish the floor in his room. That makes Saturday K- Day, the return of Karl Nack. Pictures of his room will be posted later today.

Aug 26

Karl's room is almost done. His ETM, estimate time of moving, is this weekend. Word is he's looking for able bodied persons to help in the transfer of personal belongings from the Nack family residence to Ridge Warren. His room now has blinds on the windows. It's looking good.

Football and Ultimate are current intriguing topics for Karl, more specifically the rules and regulations. He's creating new rules, simpler rules, for Football to make it more open like Ultimate is. Also, NCAA for the PC has Karl taking Maryland through a season. Good luck. The football theme continues with his dabbling in Java to create algorithms for a football game, and possibly an ultimate game in the future.

Karl's web page has still not been updated with last weeks writing. It doesn't look like the updates will be as regular as every friday. A notice will be posted as soon as we learn that the update has occurred, as well as a review of the writing.

Correction: It was not Christine Lancaster that came over for dinner, but Janelle Stephens. NackInTouch apologizes for the lapse in reporting and thanks those kind enough to send in the correct details.

Aug 24

Rumors of the paint scheme for Karl's room were wrong. Only the south wall is painted red, while the other three walls are that orangy beige. Pictures will be up shortly. All that remains is the painting of the baseboards and then the room will be ready for Nack.

Yesterday, Karl and his family finished up painting his room, with his father starting early around 10:30, and Karl and his mother coming in later around 12:30, which meant more sleep for Karl after a long night out. Karl also cooked dinner for Brian Shaw, Brian Bender, and Christine Lancaster, whoe were in town for a wedding. Karl made tacos in his first dinner making experience at Ridge Warren. After that Ted and Karl and a neighbor went to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream.

Aug 23

At least one wall of Karl's room is painted. The name is not important, at least now, but it's red, with a tinge of maroon. Two opposite walls will be painted this color, specifically the north and south walls. East and west will be painted an orangish yellow, which seems a little pleasing to the eye. Karl's radiator is now a bright shiny silver, after the crappy white paint was successfully removed. The room looks very good, and the next couple days should see the room finished. Karl should be moving into Ridge Warren by the end of this week.

Friday night was dinner with his parents, and a large pitcher of Margaritas. Saturday was a Killian's Red before dinner, which consisted of a rib and some rice. Then after changing at home and returning to the Warren, Karl and friends went out for an evening of swing music and dancing at The Olive off Division on N. Northbranch. It's a pretty classy place, where he listened to Miss Midori sing some songs while sipping a Cosmopolitan and then a Manhattan. He wished he stayed away from the cocktails, in order to more fully enjoy dancing. Maybe next time Karl. Oh, and Karl drove both there and back, without killing anyone, or pissing anyone off extensively.

Aug 21

Karl and his father continue work on his room this morning. Karl works on scraping what is left of the crappy paint on the moldings while his dad starts painting the undercoat. Not much other news on the Nack front.

Aug 19

Some time was spent yesterday prepping Karl's room for painting later this week. Karl himself did some more removal of loose paint from the moldings while his dad, on a broken ladder that was replaced, wet sanded the walls, repaired the door, replacing a pane of glass in the door, and sanding the door down so it would close.

Karl brought one of his good friends from his pre college days to Nevin's for drinks with a couple of his roommates. Karl was the odd man out by having a pint of cider instead of Guiness as the rest did. One story from his childhood was brought to the table by his friend, the story of one Danielle.

Karl had posted a sign for anyone interested in playing some D & D at the hobby shop. Someone named Daniel responded. While the two friends were playing at Karl's House, the door rings, and the person says, 'It's Danielle'. Karl and his friend look quizzically at each other. Danielle? When Karl brought her up she was dressed in leopard skin something with fake plastic boobs with long hair. She looked like a woman, but laughed the deep gutteral laugh of a man, and ate chips like a man. And they proceeded to play. And she just wouldn't leave. There was a time she went and got soda's, but Karl and his friend couldn't leave, for it was Karl's place. Anyway she left eventually but she was 24 and the two were only 14 or so. Just a memory from Karl's childhood .
Review of Karl's updated home page.

Aug 16

Upon the 21st birthday of a friend, Karl returned to Ridge Warren for dinner at Siam Square and a night of classy cocktails in downtown chicago. Karl was nice enough to be the designated driver for the evening so the foursome made it's way south. First stop was The Four Seasons.

This extremely classy hotel had a lounge which followed suit. Karl and his friends were all dressed up for the occasion, and fit in well to the other well dressed patrons. First round of drinks were on the birthday boy, however, the bartender was not as knowledgable as originally assumed. He did not know how to make a bronx cocktail, or a vesper, or a floridita. After a cough syrup cocktail, a negroni, a pseudo bronx, and a sidecar which was well made, the group made it's way to the 95th floor of the John Hancock tower. The lounge was a little too touristy for the group, which then proceeded on to the Ritz Carleton. This was another classy lounge in the atrium, but the bartender there did not know the Nicky Finn so the birthday boy and friend consulted the concierge, or boys that passed as the concierge after hours about a bar in the city with well knowledged bartenders. The man spoke of a place called the Leg Room, on Clark and Diversy.

The stop there wasn't worth it, as t-shirts and shorts abounded and beer was spilled on the floor and couples made out on bar stools to loud music. Alas, a classy cocktail lounge or bar was nowhere to be found. If anyone has information, send it along so we can pass the word around to interested parties. The night ended with a check of Karl's favorite dinner and cocktail place, Daily's on Lincoln. But it was closed at 1:37 AM sunday morning. Returning to Ridge Warren tired but not without hope, Karl and friends retired for the night with a couple glasses of milk for Karl, and some entertainment provided by Tekken 3 and a Sony Playstation. He drove home at 3:00 AM.

Aug 15

Karl Nack and two other individuals, one known as the Town Cryer, had quite a night last night. After bowling, these three persons decided to continue on into the night looking for a good time. After stumbling upon a girl vomiting on the street, a bouncer introduced them to a bar on Lincoln which contained within a volleyball court and dancing on the bar. As the night wore on, the three left but upon leaving came across an individual who appeared belligerent toward a blonde that was eyed by the Town Cryer all evening. Upon questioning if everything was alright, the man wanted the Cryer to "Do yourself a favor, walk away". As the man approached the Cryer with self boasting of being from the south side and killing people Karl Nack placed his hand right into the approaching storm. The man walked away. In the meantime, the blonde went away. As the three left the bar, they came across an officer of the law, and told them to watch out for this guy. Chicago's finest then drove down the street, put the light on the guy who was again speaking, arguing with the blonde, and spoke with him. In the meantime the blonde ran away. So whoever she is, you owe your life and maybe more to Karl Nack et al..

But before then, Karl had a Necroni cocktail at dinner. Interesting cocktail made with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and campari. He eventually crashed at the Boys from Diversy's place at 5am and after 3 hours of fitful sleep went home at 8 am. Then he proceeded to finally upload his web page. Take a look. A full review will appear on Monday.

Aug 14

Karl Nack is forgoing The Avengers with Uma Thurman in leather for some bowling with the guys from Diversy and some others to celebrate a birthday. Have some fun and hope you get a turkey Karl!

He was supposed to have completed the update to his web page but as of 7:52 PM CST it was not up yet. Hopefully it will be completed the same day as the release of the iMac.

Aug 13

Karl Nack returned to the state of Illinois today. His time of arrival was 12:30 PM. He was really tired today, since he's been up practically since 1 this morning. Although his flight didn't leave until 6:30 PST, Karl was brought to the Airport in Seattle by the Navy late last night. After such a long day travelling, it was no wonder that he had no desire to come up north to visit his home for the coming school year.

Summer projects for Nack include a remake of his web page , which insiders claim has a weekly column published on fridays. Looking forward to it Karl. In other news, there was possible disappointment in learning an option for Karl is no longer available, at least that is what appears. Those working closely with the subject deem her unfit for Karl's consumption.

Aug 11

Word on the street is that Karl Nack will be returning from his tour of duty on August 13, this thursday. With Nick Graber not available as a tour guide during Nack's visit to Seattle, Karl seems to have chosen to go home, rather than enjoy any of the wonders of that rainy city in Washington.

Karl's room has approximately 3 days left of work before it is ready for his return. The walls need to be prepped, then painted with a base coat, then the top coat, each process taking a day. So it looks like Karl's room will be the first ready at Ridge Warren.

Aug 9

Karl was nice enough to send the current inmates of Ridge Warren a postcard from sunny Hawaii. Nothing new other than an expressed interest in someday being stationed in that 50th state.

Aug 7

Karl is looking for something, or someone, to do on the night of August 13th in the wonderful city of Seattle. If interested, let him know personally. Yes, that's Karl's email address on the Carl Vison. Recipients of his email have noticed that the United States Military uses Microsoft® Exchange and probably NT for their communications needs. Very scary thought.

In Ridge Warren news, Karl's walls appear to be smooth and fully prepped for painting. The race is on to find out which room will be the first finished at Ridge Warren, front or Karl's.

Aug 4

Work has started on the filling of multiple cracks and holes in Karl's Ridge Warren home. There is some dispute over the method used, and if cracks start spreading again in 6 months and not anywhere else, some of us will be vindicated.

No Nick for Nack. Mr. Graber will be in Wisconsin the same weekend Karl is expected to be in Seattle, so no wild nights in port, at least with Nick. Here's to hoping Karl gets to sink a couple ships before he comes home.

Aug 3

Karl's new room at Ridge Warren was supposed to be mudded this weekend, actually at 8 am Sunday morning, but the crew did not show as planned according to Richard Nack, Karl's father.

At the end of his cruise on the Carl Vinson Karl will spend some time with Nicholas Graber of Seattle, WA. This will occur on August 13th. The night can possibly be spent at the Graber residence on Mercer Island. Hope Nick shows Nack the great Seattle nightlife. Especially the nightlife for sailors.

July 30

NackInTouch Returns

After a long hiatus, the staff of NackInTouch is proud to return to providing news and information about Karl Nack to the unknowing public. In the 5 months NackInTouch went underground, the world has changed somewhat for Nack devotees.

  1. He will be living off campus next year, at a residence aptly named 'Ridge Warren '
  2. Currently Nack is on the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) participating in <censored> training in the <censored> area against <censored>
  3. His room at 'Ridge Warren' is in shambles
  4. He started watching Dawson's Creek
  5. He only drinks brand name Orange Juice, not settling for cheap generic oranges
So that's all the news that's Karl's news as of late. He returns from the Vinson on August 14 so news will pick up thereafter. Welcome back to everyone.

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