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Home Page Review

August 18, 1998
Karl's Home Page is a definite change from his previous 'woefully forlorn web page'. The addition of graphics is welcome on the index page, although an overall download size of 50k might deter some individuals from waiting. From here the page is divided evenly in two, at least for now. The left graphic of the gargoyle leads you to a informational page on the man that is Karl Nack. The right moves to a weekly column of sorts, Karl's take on a current trend of on-line journals. The graphics are well done and convey a sense of despair, at least a little run down especially in 8 bit color.

The self page is well down, if too long. Perhaps breaking up the page into multiple pages would be better off, but then again. After a prelude, Karl gets into the details, providing quantitative information like height and weight, and then more qualitative details like personal history. He divided his life according to school, which shows something, and under each section provides the details, where, when, and what he did. The details Karl provides are enlightening, and his comments provide entertainment and color.

Provided at the bottom of this page is another link to a links page, which Karl deems as 'obligatory'. Among the few and elite listed are this page, NackInTouch, a couple friends, and a Cocktail website. While those links he does provide lead to interesting places, they provide no insight into what currently interests the man that is Karl Nack.

The writings page is thoughtfully designed, and well layed out. It is to be a weekly column, written on fridays, at least published on fridays. What the topics will be, no one knows. But we here at NackInTouch are looking forward to a new window into Karl Nack.

The background color of black seems to be overdone in today's browsing of home pages, but the stark simplicity of bluish grey text seems to work here. It's soothing to the eyes. Overall, a well done home page. Only thing that might be missing is a resume for prospective employers.

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