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Super Bowl Magda

Jan. 27

An anonymous reader sent in information relating to Magda. As it turns out, for the clueless, Magda and Karl Nack are both members of the supersecret elite ROTC squad, and due to unit regulations and classified rulings, are not able to be any more than squad members who watch each others' backs.

Tom McKone, however, is not part of this organization, and is/was apparently fair game for Magda. The flirtations with the hats witnessed by many during the Super Bowl on Sunday are signs of the begining or symptoms of an ongoing interaction. Without divulging important details which could reveal my source, it appears that Magda is off the market.

Karl Nack is reported "to be giving the couple his blessing and unashamed support. therefore, he's not bitter about their coupling."

Any forthcoming information about Tom and Magda may show up on later on McKone.Com (a future endeavour from the people that brought you Nackintouch)

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