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Jan. 29

Karl Nack had to take care of business this morning at the Great Lakes Naval Training Facility. He was in his dress uniform, very snazzy. Some say he was getting a special assignment to assassinate Saddam Hussein in order to prevent a possible US military action against Iraq. Best of luck Karl!

This evening, Karl went home to his place in Chicago. Rumors place the Spice Girls in town this evening as well. Coincidence, we at NackInTouch think not. You make the call.

After dinner, he spied an attractive young female attempting to enter the lounge in the basement of the Foster-Walker complex. Eyewitness reports have a description of Karl coming up the stairs, very disheveled with hair mussed and pants unzipped. Hope she was as good as a White House Intern.

For those who want to be like Nack, but don't have the skills, at least in Mega Man, here's a faq with relevant information.

Jan. 28

Mega Man II is no match for Karl Nack. In an expression of physical genius and a showcase of hand-eye coordination, using the NESticle Nintendo emulator for DOS, Karl Nack sent Dr. Wily and his gang of evil robots to the scrapyard.

Returning to the rumors of Karl studying abroad, he spoke with an unnamed German professor about study abroad programs. Two locations in particular peaked his interest, one in Leipzig and another in Bremen.

In future news, Karl has a "date" with one Laura Serbus, of past fame as VAD's girl and Matt Robinson's evening entertainment. They will be attending "Sweeney Todd" playing at Cahn Auditorium, much to the dismay of critics at the Daily Northwestern. For any budding paparazzi's, they're supposed to go to the 8:00 pm show on Friday, January 30. If anyone's going, please keep an eye out for the man.

Due to some reader email complaints about non-Nack news, I wish to clarify the purpose and scope of this website. Yes, this is Nackintouch, the original Nack news and information sight since 1998, but it is not merely Nack news. We try to deal with Nack and Nack related news, and this includes friends and family, former interests and lost loves. News not entirely Nack will be relegated to special reports.

Jan. 26

An anonymous source clarified some issues from yesterday's weekend update. Some of those current events are covered in a special report.

Other than that, Karl watched Ally McBeal on Fox tonight, and before that worked on his web page. Oh, and he probably did some homework too. Last night he was the recipient of one neck massage from Jessica Jenkins, a female frisbee player from down the hall.

Rumors have placed Nack in the presence of some very beautiful, leggy, ladies of the night. Various eyewitness reports have seen Karl dancing and drinking up a storm at various clubs and bars throughout the Chicagoland area last night, even though his official age is still 20. Confirmation is still pending.

Jan. 25

Back from the weekend and newly refreshed with news and information about Karl Nack. On friday Karl had visitors, Matt Robinson and Ted Whalen, and he wisely entertained them with a windows defragmentation program. Not only providing hours of fun, he also took care of his hard drive. After that, Karl proceeded to update his web page. Enjoy.

On saturday, Karl played in the second in the Deering Classic series, a fast and furious 4 on 4 played in the snow. He played wonderfully, successfully scoring one touchdown. Although he had a brief altercation with one "schmack", Karl's sportsmanship brought something to the game.

Today, his time early in the day was spent programming in Java, language of champions. During a short break from studying, he watched the opening to Romancing the Stone on WFLD, Fox 32. A run into downtown Evanston produced a book on Java, from Borders and a 1/2 gallon of milk from Osco.

Super Bowl News. Karl Nack partook in the festivities of the 4rth floor west plex lounge. Food was provided courtesy of Vinniak Iyer Catering. It consisted of pizza from Papa John's and Chicken and Wings from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Friends from all ages came and watched. Invitees included Matt Springer, Adam Grayson, Tom McKone, Nick Graber, Chris Peterson, Vinnie Iyer, Nellie K., the big man himself, Jessica Jenkins, Janelle Stephens, Karl Dieter Crisman, Spanky, Matt Robinson, Brian Shaw, Magda, some other friend of Magda's, Cristine, Eric Abando, and Brian Bender. (I apologize in advance if I forgot to mention anyone.) Oh, by the way, Broncos won. Some random observations:

contents clarified and placed in a special report

Jan. 23

Just submitted by Brian Bender, co-editor of PCC

Jan 22--

Nack rushed out of his room toward Shaw's room yelling, "Hey, I hear that Janelle's shacking up in here!" His emergence from his room was odd in itself, as if he had just come up with something really good. Anyway he rushes into Shaw's room, only to find that nobody is there. Shaking his head, he walks back to his room, disappointed. "Damn...that was a wasted witticism," he moans. Adam then replies to Bender (both of them witnessed the scene) "Nack IS the wasted witticism."

--submitted by B. Bender

Jan. 22

There was a supposed altercation between Karl Nack and one Nicholas Graber, a freshman music major living down the hall. A discussion on home city superiority erupted when the topic of orchestras came up. Full details will be provided later. Is this the new and improved bitter Nack we've all been waiting for?

Nackintouch is proud to have received its first reader email. Thank you Matthew J. Springer for your contribution. It is available for your perusal in the Editorial section.

In housing news for the coming year, Karl and friends, Ted Whalen, Dave Morse, and Eric Abando are looking for off campus housing. Criterion include:

  • North of Davis
  • South of Foster
  • East of Ridge
  • Big enough to throw parties
  • 4 bedrooms
If you come across any available housing options fitting these specifications please let us know. Thanks.

Jan. 21

Karly Nack has decided to pursue studies in areas not including german. In other words, the big man dropped a class today. Way to go Karl, down to only 4 now, just like the rest of us sane people.

Karl also received his sports goggles today. Hmmm, I think I smell the second game in the Deering Classic Snow series. And some b-ball as well. Karl needs to break those stylish yet highly functional eye apparel.

Quote of the month:

"I will pursue my bitterness with an as yet unseen veracity."

Jan. 20

I have absolutely no news today. Okay, maybe a little. I didn't have a Nack sighting all day. He was working on a programming assignment last night sometime. Also a friend said he was at NROTC, very possibly on duty. Where are you Nack?

Jan. 19

So news with Nack? Nothing really. He's going back to being bitter though. The good fortunes at the end of last quarter seem to have left him behind. If you see him, say hello, cheer the old guy up a bit. He was so much better when he wasn't bitter. And Ellie, if you can read this, give him a damn call.

In other sightings: talking with an unspecified alto saxophonist sometime today.

Jan. 18

Nothing too exciting in the news today. Karl got up around noon, deposited some money in his Citibank account and bought Kleenex and a light bulb for his floor lamp. He was also seen walking toward the library around 4:18 PM.

Jan. 17

He slept in today, almost all the way until noon. Way to go Karl! Although a little sore after his stupendous performance in the Deering Field Classic last night, he still had energy for a "meal" with one Magda, a cutie from Shepard.

After a before dinner nap of 3 hours, a little bit of his mysterious past came out during dinner at Pizza Hut for Dave Morse's 21st Birthday.

"I have no fond memories of high school"

He also had a great one liner at dinner which had the fans rolling on the floor.

Jan. 16

(updated 9:28 PM)

Deering Field Classic

Karl Nack comes out in strength to lead his first team to victory and hold off a loss in the second game. In the opening game of the annual winter snow field tackle football series, Nack opened up 1998 with a long run for a touchdown, leaving defenders gasping on the ground. Big defensive stops abounded, as Karl put runners on their back, receivers on the ground, and quarterbacks staring at the sky. He played a strong game on the ground, running 6.5 yds/carry.

His only comment,

"Gotta remember to clip my toenails first."

Seen:Karl leaving the Deering Field Classic with one alto saxophone player. Is there anything there, or is it just friendly talk?

Karl has successful returned from the dentist, so much for the better. According to local news reports, he went in for a routine refilling of a loose filling and the dentist then noticed another needed to be filled.

The dentist, an attractive member of the opposite sex, graduated top of her class from the now defunct, Northwestern Dental School. She has a real privilidge working on Nack's teeth. She is located at the corner of Diversy and Lincoln.

Nack, who still has his wisdom teeth, told reporters that his mouth still hurt at the location of the Novocaine shot.

In other news, his german homework for the previous day has proved too taxing. Rumor has it that Nack will concentrate on other areas of study. However, plans for the future include spending a month abroad, honing his already impressive control over the German language.

Looking for news on the man.

Jan. 15

Nack is going to get a filling taken care of by the family dentist, deep in the heart of Chicago. All of us at Nackintouch are wishing him the best and a full recovery. Looking forward to seeing him come home to the plex.

Jan. 14

Take My Breath Away is Nack's song that provided the basis for a tremendous hoax played played on friends during his early years on Shepard's second floor. If you've never heard the story, ask and ye shall receive.

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