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Oct 30

Karl cooked dinner last night. It consisted of spinach and mushroom casserole, with pasta and potatoes as side dishes. Karl cooked and ran, having to go to swim lessons and some sort of NRTOC practice thing.

Things are going well for Karl in other areas of his life. He's got a Navy Ball date, which occurs next friday. Good luck Karl.

Karl supposedly had a hair appointment at Jay's yesterday. Before that Ted had trimmed the back of his neck in preparation for his inspection earlier this week.

Karl was called in by SAC to do a special tour for three Korean executives from universities looking at Universities around the United States. For his services, which included a bee line to Tech, Karl recieved a nice watch. It really does seem to be Karl's season.

the staff of nackintouch will be out of town until late sunday night.

Oct 28

Karl got plenty of sleep last night, going to be early at midnight and waking up 2 hours past his alarm at 10 am. He made a couple phone calls this morning as well, but nothing came to fruition.

Yesterday, Karl comment was posted on the ESPN web site as a reader from Chicago. He also continued interest in going to see the Shan Mornahan building on Church and Oak. Last night Karl went to the library in hopes of watching Brazil, but due to the closing time, he settled for Psycho and missed the last 20 minutes of that. It appears that Karl's trying to get into the mood for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, Karl might not be in town Saturday because he has to do his Submariner/Nuclear interview in Washington D.C. He is currently trying to get it moved to Sunday, but the red tape is slowing the process.

Oct 27

Karl went grocery shopping last night with his roommates. The big purchase of the day would be a large pumpkin for decoration. He also got some Tarragon for some cooking later this week.

Karl was a little grumpy last night, most likely because of an OS midterm today. Karl also had an inspection this morning for NROTC.

Oct 26

Karl pulled an almost all nighter friday night finishing up his OS assignment. He finished up saturday with about an hour and a half to spare, and after sending it in went to watch NU lose to Ohio up at Ryan field.

After the game Saturday, Karl joined Chris Petersen and Matt Robinson at a date party, where Karl got paired up with a "sorority chick" and her friends for the night. They had dinner at Carmen's and then proceeded downtown to a building on the Chicago campus to play board games like Taboo and Win, Lose or Draw.

Karl went home Sunday to have dinner with his parents and grandparents. He came back with new shoes which he promptly waterproofed this last night.

Today Karl did approximately 4 loads of laundry in order to have clean clothes to wear today.

Oct 22

Last night, with the homework extension firmly in his back pocket, Karl went with Eric and Matt to see Ronin. It was alright, although there seemed to be a lot of mumbling by the main characters. It does have some incredible car chase scenes through France.

After the movie, Karl went with Eric to his place of employment and played some golf using a mini putting green. After that, he came home, did some work and went to bed.

This morning he passed by a certain building on the corner of Oak and Church that remains guarded even at night, and saw the flag being raised. Some day next week Karl and Eric are planning on entering the building to determine its true nature. Karl believes it to be some sort of secret government building.

Tonight, Karl watched some wrestling, cooked some beef for dinner, had Lindy Hop lessons, and watched some more wrestling.

Oct 21

Karl's Hell week has been slightly elongated by the extension given for OS Assignment 1. He now has until Saturday to implement wait queues and more for a thread scheduler.

Karl passed his PRT with flying colors, or something yesterday afternoon. The few hours he got Monday night weren't enough, so he napped at home during the day in preparation for his physical readiness test.

His midterm yesterday also went well, hopefully considering it was multiple choice. One example question was about the definition of either diversity or flexibility or something else. It seemed to be a confusing question.

Karl will be partaking of Dawson's Creek tonight and possibly Charmed as well, if he can be persuaded to be.

Oct 20

Other sources have pointed out possibilities of some sort or another for Karl Nack in certain areas of living. Being purposefully vague, the Staff of Nackintouch does not have free reign, we must pass certain rules to remain in publication. As such, there are things that can be alluded to, but not in detail. So, there might be good things on Karl's horizon.

Those good things will hopefully come soon after Karl finishes up his own private Hell week. He has a three page paper due today for Industrial Psychology on the motivating ability of money in employees. He has a large assignment due thursday in Operating Systems and a midterm to study for. Also today, Karl has his PRT, in which he has to do a minimum of 30 push ups in 2 minutes, 45 situps in 2 minutes, and a mile and a half run. That's from 3-5pm today out at the lakefill. Those that can, cheer him on. Good luck to Karl this week.

Oct 19

Karl got wet this weekend, tailgating and watching the NU-Michigan game in the pouring rain Saturday. He got some really soggy hot dog buns.

Karl also went to a Schizz reunion party down at Diversy Saturday night. He didn't return to Ridge Warren until 8 AM Sunday. He slept from then until 5 PM and then cooked dinner, pork chops and spanish rice, quite spicy.

Oct 16

Karl was falling asleep again today in Operating Systems. He only missed a little bit of the lecture on concurrency implementations. On his was to lunch he did not get run over by a bike, like he almost was on Tuesday.

Karl made hamburgers for dinner, late, around 8:30pm and then skipped out for lindy hop lessons from 9-10pm. Last evening, instead of going out for a movie, Karl stayed in to watch Devil's Advocate on HBO2 at 12:05am.

Today there are plans afoot for a football game with some Schizz alums. It is also homecoming weekend, so Karl will most likely be attending the parade Saturday afternoon after 11:45am and the game later that day.

Oct 14

Karl played some Super Mario 3 last night after coming home from swim lessons and a mandatory tour guide meeting. After relaxing for a bit, Karl slept some and then did some homework, which mainly consisted of reading the Illiad in preparation for an exam today.

He went in to the library this morning to try and finish it up, since he kept falling asleep on the couch in his room. Tonight he is on Duty Watch at NROTC.

Karl had macaroni and cheese and fries for lunch today, and got some chocolate chip cookies without nuts for dessert. Tonight, he'll have pork chops and potatoes for dinner.

Oct 13

Karl did the reading for OS today last night. He has held off on finishing off what's left of the Illiad for today, which needs to be finished by tomorrow. He also did dishes last night.

Karl made it out to the Plex for lunch yesterday, and will most likely eat there for the lunch the rest of the quarter. He's now eating lunch with a combo crowd of old plex friends and new old parc friends. Welcome to those joining Karl's circle of friends.

After lunch, Karl went to the library, and didn't fall asleep. After class Karl went and worked out at SPAC, doing push up ladders (starting at 22 then 20 then 18 all the way down to 10) and similar sit ups until he started cramping. Then he ran until the cramping returned, then walked and ran some more.

Oct 11

Karl had to do some NROTC things friday night, and borrowed his roommate's bike to get there. Then he came back and had some cocktails, a Leap Year and a Satan's Whiskers and a Kahlua and Cream before heading to a party on Simpson where he had a beer and met some women. He got home pretty late, and then proceeded to update his web page even though he had to get up early for the Regatta the next day at NIT.

So Karl was late the following morning, calling NROTC at 6:40 AM, 10 minutes after he was supposed to be there. That was the start of a not too hot day for Karl. Sailing didn't go that well for him, as the wind picked up that afternoon on the shallow lake. Karl capsized the boat twice and turtled it once. So upon returning to Ridge Warren, he drowned his sorrows in college football.

Karl gave a tour early this afternoon, which got him out of bed. He is making dinner, something with chicken and probably fresh vegetables.

Oct 8

Karl made Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for Eric and himself for dinner. It's the cheesiest. Really.

After lunch Karl went up and visited with Marci, and played with her new Dell laptop. He found the spin up of the CD-ROM drive to be especially enjoyable beneath the keyboard.

Karl has more Lindy Hop lessons tonight at the basement of the Plex. He still remembers the basic step, which is an eight count. Saturday, Karl is going sailing with NROTC. He leaves at 6:30 AM.

Correction:Marci is spelled without the 'e' as in Marcie from yesterday's post.

Oct 7

Karl was dressed in his Winter Blues yesterday, looking quite dapper. His belt buckle was especially impressive, reflecting all available light on such a dark and gray day.

Karl fell asleep, catching what winks he could in OS, which was understood considering he had gotten about an hour of sleep the night before. But he managed to finish the assignment, and do some more reading. The Illiad needs to be finished by next week.

Karl went to dinner with the rest of the Plex Crew and others for Marci's Birthday. She's a freshwoman who lives down the hall from where Karl lived last year, and where the plex crew currently survives. At dinner, Karl ordered duck breast served with this squash which was really really good.

Oct 6

Karl tried to get a haircut today at Jay's, only to be thwarted by the Monday closure of Barbershops across the nation. So he went and got a trim at supercuts, with future plans of getting a real haircut at Jay's when he has the time. Why the haircut? Karl has an inspection today.

Karl went and got his picture taken late last night for more NROTC bureaucracy. He was also the recipient of multiple phone calls last night as well, also about NROTC things. He had to miss Ally McBeal, a rerun unseen by Karl, last night to get his picture taken.

Oct 5


Weekend wasn't too eventful for Karl, except for a personal matter regarding one of his cats from home. She's been ill with lung cancer, and the Nacks put her to sleep this weekend. If we could all take a moment, especially those who know what it's like to lose a pet, and pray for her well being. pause.

In somewhat more upbeat news, Karl went to a party Saturday night, and had a good time. He also went to the game Saturday, and watched NU lose to UofI.

Karl has had some difficulties dealing with NROTC stuff. Being a senior brings certain responsibilites and relationships that must be dealt with. His chores at Ridge Warren now change for the coming week, from Kitchen Duty to now the Common Areas. Karl cooked Macaroni and Cheese for a Eric Abando for dinner and some doggie bagged jumbalaya for himself. He did a little reading before going to bed Sunday night.

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