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Nov 30

Karl spent Thanksgiving in Lake Forest with his Grandmother and family. He also stayed home thursday and friday nights. He got NCAA Football 99 for the PC, and cleaned his room Sunday.

Karl has a paper due Tuesday along with another OS assignment. On Wednesday he is planning a 7-7 saga sit with Eric on the Plex Easy side.

Nov 23

A new week begins for Karl Nack, after last week's end. He finished up his papers, but is just now starting his assignment for Operating Systems due Tuesday.

Karl went to a Cocktail Party Friday night, followed by another party at the Crooked Pillar. Saturday was spent watching college football. Sunday just vanished into thin air.

Thanksgiving plans for Karl entails dinner with the grandparents somewhere in Lake Forest.

Nov 19

The shit is really hitting the fan hard this week for Karl Nack. He's spending multiple nights at the Library or in study groups or being somewhere else to write his papers.

There was an altercation Tuesday night over dishes and the cooking of dinner. The parties involved have worked out the differences and things appear to be back to normal at Ridge Warren.

Nov 17

It's a busy end of the quarter for Karl Nack as the fall of his senior year comes to a close. All the work he's been saving for a raining day is coming due, so it comes down to him actually going to the library to do homework.

Karl has an inspection for NROTC given by an officer this morning. His industrial psychology paper due today is on the topic of conflict in groups. The current topic for his classic paper is resting on Gods, but could end up on the immensely popular "unconquerable hands of Zeus" or group dynamics in the Odyssey.

Nov 15

Karl had a dinner party Friday night. Other than that, he's been pretty busy. More information about the lost weekend pending.

Nov 12

Tuesday night Karl and roommates went to his favorite, at least one of his favorite restaurants, the Daily Bar and Grill, for dinner. Ted, Karl, and Eric all had Negronis with dinner. Karl was in top form this night, wit and humor flowed freely. After that, Karl came home and finished off his season on NCAA Football with Maryland.

Wednesday came and went. Karl had planned on having some free pizza at Carmen's for NU night, but the line was too long so he had dinner at the Ridge Warren instead. But he went back later with Marci H. and Matt R. After that they came back and discussed football stats, using a new ranking algorithm developed by Ted.

Today Karl got paddled by a microquiz in Operating Systems, and used the green Suburban bike to get around campus. He has a field trip for his Leadership and Ethics class to Great Lakes Naval Base to see an enlisted graduation from Boot camp.

random pictures:

doing dishes 
tuesday doing dishes 
karl doing dishes tuesday afternoon

Nov 10

Karl has a midterm and a paper due today. Last night Karl, instead of studying and/or writing, watched some WWF wrestling. This makes the second night in a row Karl has partaken of wrestling on television.

Nov 9

Karl had a good time at the Navy Ball Friday night. The limo ride was nice, with approximately 6 per limo and bottle of champagne. Also as a first class Karl got an open bar in a special room.

Saturday Karl went to a party, Sarah Forrestal's Birthday Party, where he had too much to drink, and came home at 4 AM Sunday morning. He slept all day Sunday, but got up to go to Panera Bread for lunch and to cook dinner, which was some sort of Air Force Goulash. It was pretty good.

Nov 6

Karl in Operating Systems yesterday:

sleeping karl

Tonight Karl is going to the Navy Ball. Maybe he'll use some of the waltz or the Jitterbug step he learned at dance class last night. Just watch out for those swords in the arch.

Karl was in a very good mood yesterday, why? The staff here has no idea.

Today Karl will be present for his 3:00 pm classics class in his dress blues, due to a meeting that will take place immeditaly after his class.

Nov 4

Karl has switched cooking nights with Ted and Eric, managing to get Wednesday and Eric getting Friday. This is because Karl has the Navy Ball this weekend. One of the highlights is a sword arch Karl and his date get to walk through.

Last night Karl went on a music regression, listening to songs from grade school and younger. His roommates were firmly entranced by the music from Paula Abdul and the Simpsons.

For those that don't remember what Karl looks like, here's a picture of Karl in Operating Systems yesterday morning:

Karl J. Nack

Nov 3

Congratulations to Karl for being approved for nuclear submarine school. He had left saturday, stayed with his uncle sunday, and had the interviews Monday and was back late Monday night. He had met with a 4 star admiral, the second highest in command of the Navy. They chatted up some college football, woeing over the poor showing of NU this year. They saw a movie together and had a couple beers at one of the great bars in DC.

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